Trunkbox Ministry

Trunkbox Ministry slide presentation

While the name Trunkbox Ministry may be unique, the idea of this type of ministry certainly is not.

Understanding that homelessness exists in every city, and seeing the homeless begging at busy intersections, sleeping in cardboard houses or on park benches, digging through trash cans, all with the hope of surviving another day, has sparked a fire within my wife and I to do something tangible to help. And what better way can we help but to be prepared and ready to hand out a bag, or box of items filled with basic needs when an opportunity presents itself?

We can no longer turn our heads anticipating that someone else will do something when it’s within our power to do something!


“Homelessness almost always involves people facing desperate situations and extreme hardship. They must make choices among very limited options, often in the context of extreme duress, substance abuse disorders, untreated mental illness, or unintended consequences from well-intentioned policies.”


How to do Trunkbox Ministry:

  • Purchase the type of containers that you’d like to use – 2.5 gallon storage bags, shoeboxes, plastic containers with lids, etc. (aka-trunkboxes)
  • Choose basic needs items to fill 3-5 containers. Spend as much you’d like – you count the cost.
  • Store a few in the trunk of your vehicle, but be sure to keep one or two in the front with you for those brief intersection encounters.
  • If you have the opportunity, stop your vehicle close by and take the trunkbox to the person. This adds a personal touch, and it will also offer the opportunity to pray with the person. It is recommended that you have a partner with you, if you choose to do this.
  • As you hand out trunkboxes, be sure to replenish your supply promptly.

Trunkbox Suggested Items

Wool Socks
Lip Balm
Rain Poncho
Bottle Water
Large Band-aids
Nutrition Bars
Solar blanket
Hair brush
Lotion (alcohol free)
New Testament Bible/personalized card
Wet wipes
Crackers/Beef Jerky
Nail Clippers

Trunkbox – Suggested Seasonal additions/miscellaneous

Sunscreen – Summer
Wool cap – Winter
Hand warmers-Winter
Cough Drops – Winter
Small flashlight
Feminine Hygiene Products
Small bottle of Advil
Reusable water bottle/Travel mug


A few final reminders before you start your Trunkbox Ministry:

  • Pray that God would open your eyes to ministry opportunities.
  • Pray over each trunkbox that you prepare.
  • Pray for each person that you give a trunkbox.
  • Plan to visit local assisted living facilities or children’s homes during the year to hand out trunkboxes.
  • Help replicate the Trunkbox Ministry by sharing the idea with family members, friends, co-workers, civic organizations, and church groups.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section, or email me.  Thanks!