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Homelessness 1


For today’s post, I’d like to introduce a ministry that my wife and I are involved in.  It is called Trunkbox Ministry.  While the name may be unique, the idea certainly is not.  Simply put, it is designed to help you/us be prepared to help meet the daily needs of someone who is homeless.

Consider all of the random moments in which you find a homeless person begging on a sidewalk, at a busy intersection, or living under an overpass in a cardboard box.  There are those times that the Lord convicts you to do something, and many times we just don’t know what to do.  Well, Trunkbox Ministry is designed to help you/us do something.

For a small purchase price (depending on how much you want to put in your box/bag), you can fill a shoebox or storage bag with personal items that will help a homeless person for a few days.  Items such as deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, lip balm, nutrition bars, water bottle, band aids, socks, etc. (Please see attached slide show for a full list.)  By keeping multiple boxes/bags in your vehicle, you will have an opportunity to possibly make a difference in someone’s life when the occasion presents itself.

The Trunkbox Ministry is easy to replicate, as well.  Invite your family, friends, social clubs, co-workers, church groups, to be involved.  Take a moment to share the presentation – it speaks for itself, and then answer any questions that they have.  I will also keep a page on this site devoted to Trunkbox Ministry, so if you share the post, let your audience know.  The ministry idea is one that you can personalize to your comfort level, but the important thing to remember is that it is designed to show love to our neighbors.  The homeless are not loved less!


Trunkbox Ministry slide presentation